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Bilgi Üniversitesi

80'li yıllardan beri bilgisayar programlamaya gönül vermiş, 2001-2012 arasında İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Web Uygumala Geliştirme Bölümünde "Lead Developer / Engineer" olarak çalışmış, Commodore'cu AmigA'cı python + ruby programcısı "vigo" I met my first computer in 1984 which was Commodore 16. Due to its poor game graphics, i decided to learn programming. I still keep the C16 User Manual. I learned how to draw sine dots, circles etc. Before i graduate high school, my grand mother got me a Commodore 64 with 1541 Drive. I started to watch Intros in front of the cracked games. I clearly remember the first intro i tweaked. It was Papillion's intro (crack group) and i some how managed to change scroll text via action replay's cartridge power! There were no open-source or github thoses days (: All you can do is to tweak memory via MONITOR command. I managed to learn 6502 Assembly Language on Commodore 64. Later, my family got me an Amiga 500. I quickly jumped to 68000 Assembly and my yoda Ghost/Bronx taught me how to code with and ide: Master Seka. Long story short, i learned many programming languages. Currently i make my money from Python, Django and Web Application Development.