Frequently Asking Questions

  1. Is Etohum a competition?

    No, Etohum is not a contest or competition. Among Etohum startups, there is no winner or loser. Etohum startups are listed as E40 or E15. There are Many contests are held about entrepreneurship Likewise, Etohum is not a place to win prize money.

  2. Can I join Etohum only to share my business ideas?

    You can share any of your ideas in Etohum events and meetings. However, ideas without operation are not considered during the selection process.

  3. Can Internet companies attend Etohum?

    Yes, Internet companies can attend Etohum. Additionally its also essential that you have ideas/knowledge about the new economy and that you have a desire for entrepreneurship.

  4. Can I finance my project without monetary award?

    Yes, you can. With the investor meetings, you’ll find chances to find a proper financing opportunities. Also we think that it is much more critical that you meet with the right business network that might give you capital and supply investment during the later stages. We think that the right resources for an internet venture are: human power, creativity, energy and continuity. Proper guidance, education, business network and internet community will help you in starting up the company you dream of or in making it successful.