About Us

Etohum is a marketplace that aims to bring entrepreneurs well versed in the new economy, who want to establish their own internet company with companies, investors and professionals.

The qualified ventures selected from amongst the participants will be presented to investors and the Etohum Investor Club. The selected entrepreneurs will be able to attend the Startup Turkey, will receive coaching and guidance while preparing their business plans and will have opportunities to present their business plans to corporate investors and companies. The selected entrepreneurs will also receive office space and software support, internet access and counseling along with many other services.

Those who have not yet established their own companies, who are about to start their own companies and those who already have started their own internet company / enterprise and are in need of capital, management, marketing and other supports may apply to etohum.

Each year, this process takes place between February and December aiming to provide information about starting a new business to those who wish to be one of the new economy entrepreneurs and to provide the proper entrepreneurship environment in which business plans might be evaluated by companies, people and investors with a potential to make an investment.